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A World Without Antibiotics, Uppsala Health Summit 2015

2 – 3 juni 2015 kl.
Uppsala Concert and Congress
Anordnas av: Uppsala Health Summit

Uppsala Health Summit invites decision-makers, opinion leaders and experts to meet 2 – 3 June 2015 to discuss consequences of actions and of non-actions for people, animals and the planet.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the great threats to health globally, a threat that needs urgent coordinated action on a global scale. WHO underlines in its 2014 report "Antimicrobial Resistance – Global Surveillance", that if not dealt with, ordinary infections that we today consider treatable will kill again.

A growing burden of antimicrobial resistance will increase the mortality among frail groups as patients suffering from other diseases, and even simple surgical interventions will once again become interventions of high risk. The World Health Assembly has called for a global action plan against antimicrobial resistance, to be coordinated by the WHO.

At Uppsala Health Summit 2015, we will focus the dialogue on how we can use our current state of knowledge and innovations to take steps forward, on global, national and local levels, to reduce the threat from antibiotic resistance.

Issues to be discussed in workshops and in plenum will cover:

  • measures for rational use of antibiotics for human and veterinarian purposes
  • environmental issues
  • business models for innovation and release of new antibiotics
  • prevention of infections

The conference venue is Uppsala Concert and Congress in central Uppsala.

Uppsala Health Summit website.