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AMR: New incentives – a call for action

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been declared by the World Health Organisation as one of the top ten global public health threats facing humanity. Yet, discovery of new of antibiotics is not keeping pace with the emergence of antibiotic-resilient bacteria. There is an urgent need to discover and bring innovative antibiotics to patients.


The Swedish Presidency of the European Union has once again put the topic on the EU agenda, and will discuss the issue at a High-Level Meeting on 6–7 March 2023. In parallel, the European Commission will adopt in the coming weeks a proposal for a Council Recommendation on AMR, together with the package of legislative proposals to revise the EU pharmaceutical legislation. AMR provisions are also foreseen in the revised pharmaceutical legislation.

A key issue is the need for new incentives to drive research and development of new antibiotics. EFPIA and Lif organized a Webinar to discuss the issue and a way forward for Europe. Action needs to be taken urgently. The revision of the pharmaceutical legislation is a unique opportunity for Europe to show global leadership in the fight against AMR.


Christian Grondahl, SNIPR Biome

Andrea Chiarello, Head of EU Government Affairs, Pfizer

Kevin Outterson, CarbX

Kristine Peers, EFPIA

Moderator: Göran Hägglund, Reform Society