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Marianne Pilgaard

“The Nordics can be even more attractive through a strong collaboration”

Marianne Pilgaard is the CEO of Trial Nation - Clinical Trials Denmark, a national entry point for companies that wants to conduct clinical trials in pharma and medtech in Denmark. Trial Nation is a resource funded by the Danish Ministries of Industry, Business and Finance and Health, but also by pharmaceutical companies and the five Danish regions.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for the Nordic countries when it comes to clinical research?

– Common for our countries is that we have small populations competing in a landscape where we more and more look for highly selected patient characteristics in the development of new therapies. Also, we could do more to make time for clinical research a given as an integrated part of health care as it is a way to ready the health care system for the challenges of tomorrow.

Denmark is now updating its national Life Science strategy and Sweden has developed its first. Why is it important to have a strategy?

 – A strategy is important as it provides clarity on ambition and direction and helps actors to work together towards defined goals.

Can Nordic co-operation make us more attractive in competition with other strong Life Science nation when it comes to clinical trials, if so in what way?

– In the Nordic countries we have many similarities in our health care systems, the data richness (both longitudinally and the type of data we have access to) and we have a long standing tradition on working together in a Nordic setting. Provided that there is political willingness and priority and the proper framework conditions it could be used as leverage where the sum would be greater that its parts. So, in essence, the Nordics can be even more attractive through a strong collaboration.

Uppdaterad: 11 mars